11 Great Tips to losing weight after pregnancy

It is normal for people to require losing weight after pregnancy. This is because most mums gain some weight during the pregnancy journey. According to research, everyone adds on some weight during pregnancy, and this is for the good of the mum and the unborn baby. However, the amount of weight gained during pregnancy is different for everyone.

Weight gain during pregnancy is determined by hormones, how much you eat, and the number of fetuses you are carrying. This is why many people consider losing weight after pregnancy because of maybe putting on too much weight.

Great tips to losing weight after pregnancy include eating healthily, exercising, breastfeeding, getting enough sleep, drinking adequate water, and avoiding consuming alcohol. Additional tips include staying away from overly processed foods, eating healthy snacks, monitoring your calorie consumption, and avoiding added sugar and refined carbs.

This post will take you through tips on losing weight after pregnancy and doing so healthily to avoid health complications.

Tips to losing weight after pregnancy

Many women out there want to lose weight after pregnancy, but if you are a mother, you can attest to the fact that doing so may be almost impossible, putting in mind the healing process, added responsibilities, a crying/clingy baby, and being just tired. Losing weight after pregnancy requires workouts, changing habits, and diet.

If you really are serious about losing weight after pregnancy, you can use the following tips to do so:

1. Eat healthily.

losing weight after pregnancy
eating healthily helps in losing weight after pregnancy

Eating healthily is the number one tip for losing weight after pregnancy. Many people may think that limiting how you eat or crash-dieting is the way to go but no. This is not healthy for a breastfeeding mum and even the baby. 

Please, do not go online and just pick up any weight loss diet because most diets you see online may not be conducive for you and your unborn baby because some of them are very restrictive, which might not go for you and your breastfeeding child. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and proteins during this period.

Keep in mind that your body needs food after delivery, just as it did when you were pregnant. This is because you ate for two during pregnancy and still have to eat for two after delivery due to breastfeeding; that is, if you want to breastfeed and not use baby formula.

Do not just make dieting the only way to lose weight because there are so many other ways which you can also incorporate to see results.

2. Work out.

losing weight after pregnancy
Workout helps in losing weight after pregnancy

Working out is another way of losing weight after pregnancy. You must be definitely wondering how that is possible, especially if your baby is a clingy one and doesn’t want to be put down.

Delivery comes with lots of things. Lack of rest, added responsibilities, and maybe constant cries of your baby. After delivery, a woman needs some time to recover. Some women may require much more time considering how they are delivered. Take, for example, birth through the caesarian section- this requires much time before recovery, and you won’t be able to work out or exercise.

After you recover and feel comfortable again, you can consider working out to be able to lose some weight. But before you do it, talk to your doctor so they tell you if you can do intense workouts or not. This is for your own welfare. Light exercises include morning runs, rope skipping, jogging, and walks. Do not be limited because you can do other exercises with your baby. Take, for example, walking-you can do that with your child in a baby stroller.

A quick tip to be able to work out is to seek for help. Have your husband, baby daddy, sister, mother, or nanny watch your baby for a bit so that you can get time to do your workouts. If you feel lazy, talk to a few people, especially those who have also given birth like you to see if you can get a workout partner. This way, you will feel motivated.

While working out, consider choosing the most effective exercises that suit your needs. Create a workout routine. For example, if your focus area is the tummy or love handles, choose the most effective exercises for the same.

3. Breastfeed

losing weight after pregnancy

Breastfeeding is another excellent tip for losing weight after pregnancy. Research shows that breastfeeding has lots of benefits for the baby and also the mum. One of these benefits includes helping a mum lose weight and also reducing breast cancer risks.

However, keep in mind that breastfeeding is totally a mother’s decision to make. Some prefer to give their children baby formula.

4. Sleep enough.

losing weight after pregnancy

Sleep is a very important tip in losing weight whether you just gave birth or not. It might be hard to get enough sleep after pregnancy due to an extremely crying baby but always try to find some sleep.

Sleep reduces tiredness and anxiety, and it also makes your health. Sleeping also helps one to find rest after a long day of nursing the baby, cleaning, and working out. If you find it hard to sleep, at least try naps.

5. Drink water.

losing weight after pregnancy
Drink adequate water

Water is very crucial for everyone, including women who are breastfeeding. However, because too much water can be detrimental to our bodies, it is very crucial to be careful not to take too much of it.

Ensure you drink enough water every day. When you stay hydrated, it becomes easy to lose weight because the water helps replace fluids lost during breastfeeding.

6. Stay away from alcohol.

Whether you just delivered a baby or not, it is always advisable to stay away from alcohol if you want to lose weight. Drinking alcohol might make it hard for you to lose weight after pregnancy.

Apart from just losing weight, alcohol is not good for both the mother or the nursing baby. According to research, when a breastfeeding mum drinks, the baby may be exposed to alcohol through breast milk.

7. Avoid highly processed foods.

It is also advisable for people who want to start losing weight after pregnancy to avoid highly processed foods. Usually, eating processed food will make it hard for one to lose weight because of its contents.

These foods include fries, candies, ice creams, chocolates, and so on and so forth.

Most processed foods contain too many calories and sugar, which in most cases, play a role in adding weight. Try as much as possible to eat home-prepared meals.

8. Do away with added sugar and refined carbs.

Added sugars and refined carbs are other things to do away with to lose weight after pregnancy. Added sugars are refined carbs usually are high in calories but lack nutrients. Instead of eating sugary foods such as juices, sweetened soft drinks, and cakes, substitute them with healthy snacks, fruits or veggies.

9. Eat healthy snacks.

Most people love snacks, and breastfeeding mums are no exception. If your goal is to lose weight, ensure that you eat healthy snacks.  You can as well substitute the snacks with healthy meals, a smoothie, or fruit salad.

10. Check your calorie intake.

When it comes to diet, it is believed that calories play a huge role in helping people add on weight. This is why if you are looking forward to losing weight after pregnancy, you need to watch your calorie intake.

11. Do not be overwhelmed by expecting very fast results

losing weight after pregnancy
Do not be overwehelmed

It is very common for women to want to lose weight after pregnancy. Some give themselves time before embarking on a weight loss journey, but others try to do it immediately after delivery.

None of these women is wrong, but it is usually a good idea to set realistic goals when it comes to this because unrealistic goals may be very frustrating, leading to mental health issues. Do not expect faster results; rather, trust the process and be consistent in your workouts.


Losing weight after pregnancy can be a bit stressful because of the healing process, added responsibilities with the child and so on but it is very possible to achieve it. Just be realistic and be strategic in planning your workouts, checking your diet and your goal will be achieved. Do you wish to share your weight loss journey after pregnancy? We will be glad to hear your story.

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