3 Ways on how to apply your skincare products

There are a couple of skincare products that people use out there. These skincare products can be used by both men and women but as mostly used by women. However, as it is customary, there is a certain way in which each and everything is supposed to be done. 

To apply your skincare products, do so upwards, outwards, or in a circular motion. Some of the products that require this include cleansers, toners, moisturizers, serums, and sunscreen among so many others.

This blog will take you through the three different ways in which you need to apply your skincare products and why you need to apply them in that manner.

3 ways to correctly apply your skincare products

skincare products
How to apply your skin products

1. Upward.

One best ways to correctly apply skincare products is to do it in the upward direction. This applies to the chin area and the forehead. Doing so helps to avoid skin sagging which may result from applying products downwards.

2. Outward.

Another best way to apply skincare products is to do it outwards. This applies to the chick and chick bone area and below the eyes. Common products to be applied outwardly below the eye area include the awakening eye cream which helps to remove dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes. 

Apart from eye cream, other products such as moisturizers, toners, and cleansers can be applied in the outward motion of the cheeks. Doing this makes the skin firm and plump.

3. In a circular motion.

Applying skincare products in a circular motion is also another great way to help avoid premature aging and skin sagging. This way, you will obtain a lovable complexion and healthier skin.

Why do you need to apply skincare products in a particular manner?

You need to apply skincare products in an upward, outward, or circular motion to avoid premature aging and avoid sagging of your skin. It is the best way to apply skin products because gravity is already aging the skin. And for that reason, you need to aid your skin in the opposite direction to make it firm.


There is more to skincare than just putting those oils and creams on your face. To get good results, one needs to apply the products in a correct order and even do it correctly using the right quality and quantity of products. Share with us how you apply your skincare products.

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