6 frightening reasons why most women fear childbirth

There are uncountable reasons why most women fear childbirth. This is a common issue for both women who have given birth and ones who have not even considered conceiving. Ask women why they fear childbirth, and you will hear various explanations.

The main reasons why most women fear childbirth include the fear of the unknown based on other people’s stories/experiences, complications, past losses, vaginal tearing, emergency caesarian section, and not making it to the hospital.

This article will discuss some of the common reasons why most women fear childbirth.

Reasons why most women fear childbirth.

1. Fear of the unknown pain.

The main reason why most women fear childbirth is actually pain. It is one of the biggest fears of being a woman unless you do not wish ever to have children. No one has succeeded in explaining exactly how childbirth feels because everyone’s experience is different.

The reason there is that fear is that when anybody talks about childbirth, they cannot fail to say how painful their experiences were. Even in movies, you will see pregnant women crying with so much pain while laboring and giving birth.

Leave alone first mothers, even women that have given birth before, will still be scared of childbirth when they get pregnant again.

Women not only fear pregnancy struggles and childbirth pain, but they also fear the pain of breastfeeding and the struggles of taking care of the child and losing weight after delivery.

Some women fear giving birth because of common parents’ worries, such as finances.

2. Complications.

Complications that occur when a woman is pregnant and those that may be present during delivery are also among the reasons why most women fear childbirth. Childbirth is not always smooth for every woman. Some women may develop complications during birth. No matter the situation, no woman wants to develop complications during birth.

Some of these complications may include excessive bleeding, problems with the umbilical cord, prolonged labor, or malposition. The labor and delivery process becomes more critical if a woman experiences complications.

3. Past losses.

Reasons why most women fear childbirth
Reasons why most women fear childbirth

Past losses through miscarriages, stillbirths and loss of baby after delivery are also among the frightening reasons why most women fear childbirth. You will notice that a woman who has lost a pregnancy or a baby before will have more extreme fears about childbirth than others. This is because when they think about the encounter, they feel so much pain due to past trauma.

Women who have undergone a miscarriage, stillbirth, or losing a baby after birth need therapy to overcome the bad experiences. However, because we are human, there will always be that fear when we think of the experience.

4. Vaginal tearing.

Vaginal tearing is also another common reason why most women fear childbirth. The thought of your vagina tearing up during birth is just so scary. The thought of that gives most women goosebumps because it is very painful.

Vaginal tears do not happen to all women, but they may happen to others because of a large baby, quick birth, or use of forceps to help the baby come out.

5. Emergency caesarian section.

Reasons why most women fear childbirth
Reasons why most women fear childbirth

There are two birth options. Normal vaginal birth and caesarian section. In case of complications during vaginal delivery, a caesarian section is opted for. If you are not prepared for that, it might be very traumatizing and scary to experience it.

No birth experience between the caesarian section and vaginal birth is better, but if you have spent your whole pregnancy time preparing for a vaginal birth and it happens that you require an emergency C-section might be a very bitter pill to swallow.

6. Losing a child or own death

Another common reason why most women fear childbirth is the thought of dying or losing their baby in the process. It is unlikely, but it happens. Research suggests that many women die during childbirth, referred to as maternity mortality.

We have all heard stories of women dying during childbirth in newspapers, news, and people telling stories about what they have witnessed.


Childbirth can be somehow scary. However, with good health, good doctors, and the absence of complications, both the mother and child come out of the hospital healthy. What are the exact fears you had during your pregnancy? Feel free to share with us in the comment area.

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