6 Hacks to Overcome Childbirth Fears

Childbirth comes with so many fears. However, do not be alarmed because there are many hacks to overcome childbirth fears.  Childbirth fears come from the thought of encountering complications, pain,  worries of not being able to make it through, and, of course, wondering how long your labor pain will take.

Hacks to overcome childbirth fears include sharing your fears, talking to your doula/midwife, learning about pain relief, learning various relaxation techniques, and avoiding listening to or watching terrible childbirth experiences.

This post will take you through a few hacks to overcome childbirth fears.

How to overcome childbirth fears

1. Sharing your fears.

Hacks to Overcome Childbirth Fears
Hacks to Overcome Childbirth Fears

Sharing your fears is among the best hacks to overcome childbirth fears. Research shows that this fear grows more when a woman approaches the delivery date. If you feel overwhelmed about giving birth, talk to someone. It could be your mother, partner, doctor or gynecologist. If these people are not around you, call them on the phone. You will realize that the anxiety will reduce after having a heart-to-heart talk with them.

Talking to your doctor, doula or midwife will help you because they might provide you with tips to reduce fear or anxiety. If you are pregnant and is experiencing childbirth fears, you are not alone; so many women feel the same.

2. Talking to your doula/midwife.

Talking to your doula or midwife is another of the many amazing hacks to overcome childbirth fears. Midwives and doulas have so much experience with childbirth, so talking to them is the best thing to do.

Do not be afraid to talk to these people because they will be glad to help you through it. Also, they will not deceive you because they have seen it all before. Because your doula/midwife understands you and your pregnancy history, they can go with you into the delivery room to encourage you and help you by working hand in hand with the doctors.

3. Learning various relaxation techniques.

Hacks to Overcome Childbirth Fears
Hacks to Overcome Childbirth Fears

Another amazing hacks to overcome childbirth fears is to learn various relaxation techniques. Meditation and breathing exercises are two essential relaxation techniques. These exercises will be useful for calming you down during labor.

While you talk to your midwife, they will guide you through these breathing exercises that will be very useful during childbirth.

4. Pray

If you are a believer, pray to God for safe delivery. Believers have faith, and they do surrender all their fears and burdens to their God. So do not hesitate to pray if you are a believer. Pour your heart out, and all your heart desires and all will be just fine.

5. Come to terms with the reality

We all know that childbirth is a very scary,  hard, and painful moment for all women unless you have a very high pain tolerance.

Therefore, be prepared to go through it like a military warrior. Learn relaxation techniques, follow all the instructions given to you by the doctor and remember that the pain will be over with you finally hold your bundle of joy(baby). While doing that, remember to be very positive about the whole experience.

Just like there are pregnancy struggles, there are also a couple of delivery and breastfeeding struggles women face. So it is good to always be prepared.

6. Avoid listening to or watching terrible childbirth experiences.

Hacks to Overcome Childbirth Fears
Hacks to Overcome Childbirth Fears

Avoiding listening to or watching childbirth stories is also among the powerful hacks to overcoming childbirth fears. This is because that is where women develop their fears in the first place.

A woman who hasn’t given birth before does not have any idea what childbirth feels like. Many women have learned about these fears through other people’s experiences, and a few of them through their own experiences.

If you are pregnant and you are afraid of childbirth, please stop watching or listening to those stories of childbirth. Every woman has a different childbirth experience and comparing other people’s experiences to yours will do you no good.

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