Baby Oil as Lube – Is It Safe?

Can one use baby oil as lube?many people keep asking. Lubricants can assist you in having a better and more pleasant sexual encounter. Therefore, you might resort to using baby oil as lube if you do not have one.

Many people ask if it is safe to use baby oil as lube. The truth is, when used topically on the skin, baby oil is safe, but when used as lube, it is not safe.

This guide is going to take you through why it is not safe to use baby oil as lube.

What is lube?

Lube is a short form of lubricant. Lube is very beneficial during intercourse because it aids in reducing pain caused by friction. Lube is an important factor during intercourse because it also aids in adding lubrication which is important to prevent uncomfortable or painful intercourse.

Why people use baby oil as Lube and how it is used

People use lube to prevent vaginal dryness, friction and pain that comes with lack of lubrication. In simple terms, people use lube to enjoy sex more.

Lube can be used in different ways. It can either be;

  • Applied by hand.
  • Applied directly to the male or female genitalia before intercourse.

There are many lubricants out there. However, it is important to do a background check before using any you find in stores or online.

If you are confused on what choice of lube to make, consult a sex therapist or a doctor on the best options.

Things to note about baby oil

Baby oil is a fantastic oil for the skin, but it should never be used as a lubricant during intercourse. Doctors advise that when looking for sex-related products, it’s crucial to think about both fun and safety. So do not be ignorant.

The reason why there is a big concern about baby oil as lube is because it poses health risks. Women are the mostly affected from this because baby oil causes problems in the female reproductive system because it is hard to wash unlike men who can easily wash their genitals.

When it comes to making love, some people get carried away by the emotion and forget about their own safety. It is usually necessary for people to thoroughly prepare themselves and put everything in place prior to intercourse.

Before having sex, do the following;

  • Clean the environment in which it will happen.
  • Put your hygiene products like towels close by.
  • Look for lube and keep it handy.
  • Take a shower.

Some people think that they can use any oil or lotion as lube during intercourse which usually turns out bad. The truth of the matter is that you cannot use baby oil as lube because of its contents which might cause problems.

Baby oil is not safe to be used as lube because it is made from petroleum and other things including perfume. The truth remains that baby oil products are made up a certain percentage of mineral oil, such as liquid paraffin, vaseline/petrolatum, and some percentage of fragrance hence why it is unsafe to use it as lube. 

Repercussions of using baby oil as lube

The reasons why it is not safe to use baby oil as lube is because it poses many health risks especially to women reproductive health. See the following;

1. Baby oil as lube increases vaginal infections.

One reason why itis not safe to use baby oil as lube is because it causes vaginal infections. Skin irritation has been linked to the use of baby oil and other mineral oil products as lubricants.

Petroleum-based products such as baby oil have been linked to an increased risk of vaginal infection in women, such as yeast infections and vaginosis.

You will notice that after a certain period using baby oil as a sexual lube, you start experiencing Itching, a burning feeling, a rash, pain, or discharge which are all symptoms of vaginal infections.

2. Baby oil as lube is hard to wash off.

baby oil as lube
baby oil as lube

Another fact about using baby oil as lubricant is that it is hard to wash off. This is because baby oil is insoluble in water.

When something is insoluble in water, it becomes difficult to wash off.  Even if your goal is to have an amazing feminine hygiene, using baby oil as lube will make that hard because no matter how long you spend in the bathroom, you will not be able to completely wash off baby oil. This indicates that your feminine hygiene will be jeopardized.

When this happens, you will be obliged to scrub or douche, which may irritate the skin because baby oil remains on skin until it is scrubbed of by washing.

You do not have to go through all that to learn that baby oil is bad when used as lube.

3. Weakens and breaks condoms.

baby oil as lube
baby oil as lube

Baby oil as a sexual lube may weakens condoms making it to break. When it comes to having sex with condoms, you need to be very careful as any slight mistake will make the condom break leaving you unprotected from infections and even pregnancy.

Both male and female condoms can be weakened by baby oil, leading them to tear or break. If you must use lube during sex, stick to water-based or silicone-based lubricants to avoid ripping the condom. Baby oil could also cause condoms to slip off as it is slippery.

4. Tampers with contraception(diaphragms).

baby oil as lube
baby oil as lube

You may also want to avoid using baby oil as lube because of the effect it has on some contraceptions i.e diaphragms. There are a couple of contraceptions available including diaphragm.

The cervix is covered with a diaphragm, which is a reusable rubber or silicone cup if that the contraception you chose.

It is a birth control method in which spermicide is put into the vagina before sex to prevent sperm from accessing the uterus and thereby preventing conception.

Because they’re made of latex and silicone, they’re susceptible to damage from baby oil, mineral oil, and other oil-based products, which can cause them to stop working and result in unintended pregnancies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happen if you use baby oil as lube?

If you use baby oil as lube, you put your vaginal health at risk because you may start developing vaginal infections because of its contents and also you may suffer unintended pregnancies because it weakens condoms and tamper with contraception leading to infections and pregnancies.

Talk to your doctor about the risks before using any lubricant you are not sure of.

Is baby oil good for the VAG?

Baby oil is not good for the vag because it eventually leads to irritation caused by infections like yeast infection and vaginosis.

Use a water based lubricant if you want to be on the safe side.

Can baby oil cause yeast infections?

Baby oil can cause yeast infections because of the fact that it is hard to wash off. Frequent use will eventually lead to infections due to its contents;petroleum and fragrance.

Does baby oil damage condoms?

Baby oil may damage a condom by weakening it during intercourse. Use a water based lubricant to avoid the risks of condom breakage.

I is your responsibliliy to protect yourself from any health issues. Prevent yourself if you can. In our case, avoid using baby oil as lube.


While lubricants are vital during sex, it’s also important to remember not to use or improvise anything as a lubricant. Apart from the fun, keep in mind the health risks associated with using baby oil as lube as mistakes could cause infections.

Water-based or silicone-based lubricants are fine to use and can be obtained in stalls, pharmacies, or online shops. Avoid baby oil if you’re seeking for lubrication. When used as indicated, most over-the-counter personal lubricants are safe for most people. If you have very sensitive skin or are prone to adverse reactions to skin products, first talk to your doctor. It’s also a good idea to consult your doctor or ob-gyn to make sure you’re on the right track before using any product on your vagina or penis.

Did we miss anything? Have any knowledge on using baby oil as lube that we have not included in this guide. Hit us up in the comment section.

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