Can an Already Treated STD Come Back?

Most people ask, will a treated STD come back? Its possible and it happens. Most common STDs including chancroid, syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea have been reported to recur in people.

A larger percentage of people keep wondering, can a treated STD come back? The truth remains that if treatment or medication is not administered properly and as required, an STD can come back.

This blog will take you through some STD facts and give you all the possible reasons why a treated STD come back.

Can a Treated STD Come Back?

There is a high chance of an already-treated STD coming back. And this happens due to different reasons.

When one is diagnosed with an STD, the next thing to do is to undergo the necessary treatment. After treatment or rather a medication, everyone hopes and wants to have healed from the infection they had. However, beware that a treated STD come back if specific precautions are not followed.

Unfortunately, sometimes people who have been diagnosed with certain STDs and treated notice that the STD comes back again: a situation that can be very frustrating.

Luckily, understanding the circumstances in which STDs can recur after treatment is crucial and helps prevent that. By doing so, you’ll be able to stay clear of common pitfalls and guarantee a complete recovery from your STD.

Some of the reasons why a treated STD may come back include;

  1. Failure to complete your dosage.
  2. Having unprotected sex with an infected person.
  3. Self-medication.
  4. Wrong medication.
  5. Getting the prescription all wrong.
  6. Getting treated alone rather than as a couple.
  7. Multiple sex partners.

Reasons for treated STD to come back

Carelessness, bad habits, and ignorance may make one keep wondering, does a treated STD come back? If you are not vigilant, you might treat the same STD several times in a few months which is frustrating.

1. Failure to complete your dosage.

Treated STD Come Back
Treated STD Come Back

You cannot possibly ask yourself, ‘can a treated STD come back?’ if you are a person who does not complete their medication. A treated STD come back if you fail to take medication as required. Failure to complete the prescribed STD dosage is one of the most common reasons why STDs keep coming back in most individuals.

For an STD to completely go away, you need to take medications exactly as prescribed by your doctor. You do not have to stop taking your medication once you feel some kind of relief.

For an STD to completely go away, you must finish your medication. Finishing your medication ensures that you completely flush away the bacteria and pathogens from your system guaranteeing full recovery.

2. Having unprotected sex with an infected person.

Another reason why your STD could keep coming back is having unprotected sex. You do not expect to be okay if you keep having unprotected sex. Kindly, if you are not sure about someone’s health status, always protect yourselves during intercourse, either with a condom or wait until you run STD tests before having intercourse.

When one has unprotected sex, one become susceptible to infections. Therefore, ensure you become more careful after an STD treatment to ensure it doesn’t come back again. Treated STD come back if you have intercourse with a person with the infection.

After treatment both you and your partner need to be retested to ensure that you are completely healed. If neither of you is healed or if you are healed and your partner isn’t, reinfection will occur leaving you wondering, ‘can a treated STD come back?’

3. Self-medication.

Do not ask anyone whether a treated STD come back if you are fond of self-medication. Another reason why an STD can come back is self-medication. Self-medication is when you treat your symptoms without diagnosis or examination from the doctor.

Many people feel embarrassed when they start experiencing itching, discharge, or even smells coming out of their private parts which are signs of STD. For this reason, some resort to self-medication by buying over-the-counter medicines and antibiotics.

Please, if you feel like you might have a sexually transmitted infection, make an appointment with your doctor. That way, proper diagnosis, tests, and treatment will be administered ensuring a full/complete recovery.

Going to a store/chemist to explain your symptoms without physical examination and tests could lead to you not being able to treat yourself well.

4. Wrong medication.

Treated STD Come Back
Treated STD Come Back

Wrong medication could also be why your STD keeps coming back. If you take the wrong medication, the chances of recovery become very minimal because you cannot cure syphilis with a UTI prescription.

The most common reason why people use the wrong medication is self-medication. Talk to your doctor if you suspect you might have contracted an STD.

5. Getting the prescription all wrong.

A treated STD come back and getting a prescription all wrong is among the reasons why a treated this may happen. For instance, if you keep skipping your medication or take it inconsistently, the chances of the STD you are treating recurring are high.

This is why adhering to a doctor’s prescription is important.

6. Getting treated alone rather than as a couple.

When you are diagnosed with an STD, it is important to get treated as soon as possible. This does not only stop there. Make it a point to also have your partner tested and treated to prevent the STD from coming back due to reinfection from engaging in intercourse with the untreated partner.

This is usually referred to as repeated exposure. If you get treated but still have intercourse with an infected person, you stand a chance of getting infected again.

7. Multiple sex partners

Having multiple sex partners could also be a reason why an STD keeps coming back. If you get an STD and get treated but your multiple partners are not treated, you could get infected again with the same STD or even a new STD.

It is vital to change your habits and stick to one sexual partner if you are concerned about your sexual health.

Note that treatment of a current STD does not mean that you will not contract another if you get exposed to it, so stay safe.

Common STDs that come back after Treatment.

Yes, if you are not careful, treated STD come back. There are so many STDs out there and some of them have a tendency of coming back after treatment. Some of these STDs include:

1. Syphilis.

Can syphilis come back after treatment? a short answer to that is yes. Syphilis is among the STDs that come back after treatment if some measures are not put into place. Syphilis is among the most severe STDs that if not treated or caught early could even lead to madness, paralysis, or death in severe cases.

Syphilis comes in 4 stages; primary, secondary, latent, & tertiary stage. If caught early, treatment is swift and easy. However, if it wasn’t caught early, it becomes hard to treat.

The following are some of the reasons that could cause treated syphilis to come back;

  • Your syphilis infection’s stage—if it was more severe, it might keep recurring.
  • How often do you use condoms in your sexual life? You run the risk of getting syphilis once more if you don’t take precautions.
  • Whether you have the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or not, people with HIV frequently contract STDs.

2. Gonorrhea.

Gonorrhea is also among STDs that come back after treatment. If you engage in anal, penetrative, or even oral sex with someone who has the disease, you run the risk of contracting gonorrhea. If gonorrhea is discovered, it must be treated right away because, if untreated, it can cause future infertility issues, chronic pelvic pain, and ectopic pregnancies.

You suffer a recurrence of already treated gonorrhea if you have antibiotic resistance, have unprotected sex with an infected person, or do not take prescriptions as directed by a doctor.

3. Chlamydia.

Many people keep asking, can treated chlamydia STD come back again? Yes. Chlamydia is one STD that is asymptomatic so you might not know if you have it or not unless you get tested.

Chlamydia that has already been treated can recur for a variety of reasons. The majority of those who have had chlamydia diagnosed and treated say they relapsed after treatment.

This is typical of all STDs, particularly if you have unprotected sexual contact with an infected person once more.

4. Trichomoniasis.

Can a treated STD come back? yes. When talking of STDs trichomoniasis is among them and is among the easily curable STDs.

However, it is among the most recurring STDs because it cannot be tested in men and we all know that if an STD is not tested, it will not be diagnosed and hence won’t be treated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get Reinfected With STD After Treatment?

You can get reinfected with an STD after treatment if you do not take the necessary precautions. Protected sexual activity, getting your partner treated, and taking your medications as prescribed will all help prevent a recurrence of your STD.

Due to their partners’ continued negligence( not tested or getting treated), patients who have had STD treatment frequently run the risk of re-infection. Be cautious because persistent infections can lead to serious, lifelong health issues like infertility.

Can STD Be Fully Cured?

With the right treatment and medication, an STD can be fully cured. Bacterial STDs like trichomoniasis are totally curable. However, viral STDs like HIV are not curable and will be present with you for the rest of your life.

Schedule an appointment with your doctor right away if you are suspect you might have contracted an STD.

How Long Does It Take To Get Rid of a Curable STD?

A curable STD may take 7 to 14 days of treatment to be cured. Even if your symptoms disappear, ensure you complete your medication. During this period, avoid sexual activities to ensure a full recovery.

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