Can You Still Have Sex With a UTI?

Many people keep asking each other and even googling, ‘can you still have sex with a UTI?’. Whether you are just realizing you have a UTI or you have had it for a while, it is good to stay off intercourse for your own benefit. UTIs are quite common, but they require proper treatment and medication to prevent a recurrence.

Sex with a UTI is not safe. Doctors usually advise their UTI/STI patients to stay away from sexual activities until when they recover fully. Refraining from having intercourse during a sexually transmitted infection is to help you heal completely and also avoid issues like painful intercourse or irritation.

This post will take you through all there is to know about sex and a UTI.

Important Things to Note About Sex With a UTI.

Urinary Tract Infections are most prevalent in women. It affects the urethra and the bladder. Whether having sex with a UTI is okay or not, is a common concern among many individuals.

The main reason why people are concerned with this topic(sex with UTI) is the fear of getting infected or infecting others.

UTI is caused by several factors including frequent sex, pregnancy, age, previous UTI, and poor hygiene among many other causes.

Normally, you do not need a doctor’s advice to avoid intercourse because in extreme cases, you will not be comfortable doing it due to irritation or discharge which are among the symptoms of a UTI.

Frequent urination, pain or a burning sensation while urinating, feeling the need to urinate despite having an empty bladder, blood in the urine, and pressure or cramping in the lower abdomen are some of the symptoms of a UTI that are most frequently experienced.

Having sex with a UTI can hurt and possibly aggravate your sensitive urethra. The pressure from sexual activity on the vagina’s internal walls may also put pressure on the bladder, making a UTI more painful which is why you need to stop having intercourse until you recover from it.

So, Can You Still Have Sex With a UTI?

Even with a toy, sex with a UTI is not the best thing to do because it may slow down healing or make the infection severe.

Having sex with a UTI is discouraged because it may only make your UTI worse. Please, even with a condom, sex with a UTI is not recommended. This is because the issue with sex and a UTI is just not about transmitting it to other people but also about making it worse.

The most common reasons why you may want to avoid having sex with a UTI include the following;

  1. To speed up the healing process.
  2. To avoid pain and irritation.
  3. To avoid making the UTI more advanced by spreading it further to the urethra and bladder.
  4. To avoid infecting other people, especially females.

Therefore, until the UTI and any potential symptoms have completely subsided, people should refrain from any form of sex to reduce the chance of making a UTI worse.

Note: Confirm with your doctor or gynecologist that your UTI is gone before considering resuming sexual activities with your partner.

Sex with UTI
Sex with UTI

Additionally, do not get worked up and all worried about UTI because, with the right medication, a UTI is easy to treat. Talk to your doctor about what to do and what to avoid to ensure you get well sooner.

Also, speak with your partner and let them see reasons with you to avoid relationship issues. If you do not know how to explain such to them then you can go with your partner to the doctor’s appointment so they can see the bigger picture( why intercourse has to stop tentatively).

Don’t worry too much about it because you will only have to refrain from intercourse for a couple of days or weeks before resuming to your normal life activities. This is usually for the patient’s safety and recovery.

UTIs typically disappear quickly after being treated. To determine how much time you need to recover, speak with your doctor. Trust your gut and wait until the pain is completely gone before having sex if there is still pain or symptoms after the advised amount of time.

Alternatively, see a doctor so the doctor can perform additional tests if there is still pain or symptoms.

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