Causes, symptoms and removal of tonsil stones


Ever been in a situation where your friend tries to whisper something in your ear and the next thing you perceive is very bad breath due to tonsil stones? You try to assume you didn’t perceive the bad breath the first time but it becomes more intense and unbearable. This is because of tonsil stones/tonsilloliths.

There are many possible causes of tonsillitis. The main cause is bacteria build-up and debris that may calcify on the tonsil area. It can also be caused by a specific virus, bacteria, or other illness of the throat. The most common cause of tonsillitis is the viral infection commonly known as Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) which is caused by saliva.

Tonsil stones are more likely to form when someone has had repeated bouts of tonsillitis or if they have chronic inflammation of their tonsils due to allergies or other conditions. If you wish to know what tonsils are, their causes, symptoms, and treatments are, keep reading.

Causes of Tonsils Stones

  • Tonsil stones form when the tonsils become infected and start to grow bacteria.
  • Tonsil stones are caused by a tonsil infection. The infection starts to grow bacteria that produce an odorless, colorless, and sticky substance called plaque on the tonsils. This plaque is what causes the white patches or stones on your tonsils.
  • The most common cause of chronic infection is constant exposure to mouth germs because of poor oral hygiene practices.

The difference between a tonsil stone and tonsillitis

A tonsil stone is a small accumulation of food particles, dead cells, and bacteria that become trapped in the crevices of the tonsils whereas tonsillitis is an infection of the tonsils.

Symptoms of Tonsillitis and Tonsil Stones

Symptoms of Tonsillitis:

  • Pain, swelling, and redness in the neck area
  • Difficulty swallowing.
  • A sore throat with pus.
  • Fever.
  • Bad headaches.
  • Nausea with Vomiting.

Symptoms of Tonsil Stones:

  • Bad breath or halitosis (bad breath) due to tonsil stones buildup on the back of your tongue.
  • Feeling like there is something huge stuck in your throat. Try to look through the mirror as you might even be able to see it.

tonsil stones


How to Remove Tonsil Stones Naturally

Tonsil stones are one of the most common problems that people face. They can cause a sore throat and difficulty swallowing, as well as bad breath and taste in the mouth. 

  1. Drink lots of warm water: It will be simpler to spit out the stones if you drink water because it will assist flush your system.
  2. Gargle salt water: Gargling with salt water will help loosen up your throat and make it easier to remove the stones from your throat
  3. If the pain is unbearable, use an over-the-counter sore throat relief medication: These medications will help reduce inflammation in your throat and provide some temporary relief from pain and discomfort
  4. Eat a healthy diet: Eating a healthy diet will help flush out excess bacteria that may be causing the problem
  5. Take natural supplements for tonsil stone removal: There are many natural supplements on the market that claim to be effective to that such as ginger, garlic, and fresh lemons.
  6. You can use a water flosser or an ear syringe to try and dislodge them from your throat. 
  7. You could also use apple cider vinegar gargles as well as swallow a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice to try and get rid of them over time.

How to prevent tonsil stones

To prevent these stones from forming, you must reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth.


In conclusion, tonsil stones are not harmful to the body. They are just a symptom of having an infection in your throat. Don’t forget to clean your tongue as well as take care of your oral health. Your dental health is key.

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