What to Do When a Condom Slips and is stuck Inside of you.

What do I do when a condom slips and is stuck inside of me during intercourse? many people keep asking themselves. Condom slippage is just as common as condom breakage. The only difference between these two scenarios is the causes and how it happens.

When a condom slips during intercourse, first, determine if you can be able to remove it by yourself. If you cannot do it on your own, schedule an appointment with your doctor. Even though a condom slipping is not dangerous, if it is not removed, it may have negative effects on your reproductive health.

This post will take you through what to do when a condom slips during intercourse.

Why a condom slips

A condom slips during sex for various reasons including ;

1. Doubling up.

Doubling condoms or rather using two condoms at a go is one of the main reasons why a condom slips during intercourse. Using two condoms together increases the chances of a condom breaking or slipping.

Never use two male condoms together. You should also never use a male and female condom together.

2. Size

condom slips
condom slips

Like every other thing, condoms have sizes. There are smaller ones and larger ones as well. So, if they’re not the right size, condom slippage rates become higher.

Always ensure that you and your partner pick the right size of condom which fits most comfortably and securely. If you think your partner does not know your size, buy it yourself or go to the store together.

3. How it is put on.

Another reason why a condom slips is how it’s put on. Using a condom requires much knowledge and keenness. That is why it is important to be aware of the popular condom use errors. 

One of which is how to put on a condom. Be rest assured that if you put on a condom incorrectly, chances are that it will break or slip off.

Make sure to roll the condom all the way down when applying it and not just a portion of it. If you put it halfway, the condom might slip off.

4. Lubrication issues.

Lack of adequate lubrication could also be a reason why a condom slips during intercourse. Lubrication is very important during coitus and lack of it may cause a condom to slip due to friction.

Incorporate lubricants in your sex life to ensure that this does not occur. However, be careful because you cannot just use anything as a lubricant for sex. Avoid lotions and baby oil.

5. How you pull out.

condom slips
condom slips

How your man pulls out after ejaculation also matters and it may lead to slippage. it’s always best to remove the condom as soon as possible after ejaculation while the penis is still firm. By doing this, the condom is less likely to get stuck inside.

A quick tip is to hold the condom around the base of the penis when pulling out so it doesn’t slip off. Remind your boyfriend to do that in case they forget.

6. Lost erection

A lost erection could also lead to a condom slipping off inside of you. Usually, when a man is erect, their penis becomes firm. so, in case a man loses an erection during coitus, there is a high chance that it will go back to the normal size causing the condom to slip off.

What to do if a condom slips off during intercourse?

Most people will not know if a condom slipped out during intercourse until when they are through. This is why doctors recommend that you pay closer attention to everything during intercourse.

If a condom slips, do not be alarmed. Stay calm and start looking for solutions. If it is your first time having intercourse or if you have never experienced condom slippage you might be tense but relax because it happens and you are not alone.

First, assess if you can be able to remove the stuck condom by yourself. If you cannot, please DO NOT ASSUME IT. Seek the help of a doctor.

However, there is an exception to doing so many things on the list below. For instance, if;

  • You know your STD conditions and HIV statuses.
  • If the condom broke while using a toy or vibrator.
  • You do not mind getting pregnant.
  • If you are already pregnant.

NOTE: Just make sure you get out the condom.

Do the following if a condom slips during sex.

STEP ONE: Try to get it out- Its compulsory.

It is a must for you to get out a condom that slipped off inside of you. Failure to do that can be detrimental to your health.

You can try to do it by yourself or with the help of a doctor.

Follow the following instructions to remove a stuck condom inside of you.

  • Clean your hands thoroughly.
  • Obtain a comfortable laying or squatting position.
  • Check to see if you can feel the condom by inserting your finger into your vaginal area.
  • When you feel the condom with your finger, move it slowly and attempt to pull it out.
  • Once you can feel the condom, use your finger to gently pull it down toward your vaginal opening.
  • Be aware that lube, sperm, and semen may cause the condom to feel slippery and difficult to grasp.
  • Use two fingers to pinch it and gently pull it out if this happens.
  • Once you get the condom out, examine it to see if it is whole or if some pieces of it are missing. This helps to ensure there is no piece missing.
  • If you cannot remove it yourself, Schedule an appointment with a doctor to help you remove it.

Note: Do not insert any sharp objects in your vagina with the aim of removing a stuck condom because you may end up hurting yourself.

STEP TWO: Use Morning after pills if your concern is pregnancy.

The essence of using a condom is protection from unplanned pregnancies and infections. Once a condom slips inside of you, there is no protection guaranteed because pregnancy and STIs are more likely to happen. This means that you are highly susceptible to infections and pregnancy.

Note that taking an emergency pill only helps to prevent unplanned pregnancies. For that reason, you will need to do other things to ensure you do not get infected. Take the morning after pill as soon as possible.

STEP THREE: See a Doctor for advice about infection prevention- STIs.

condom slips
condom slips

Whether you managed to get out the stuck condom or not, seeing a doctor is essential. When you visit a doctor, you will be advised well on what to do.

Following your HIV statuses, reproductive health, and where you are in your cycle, you may be advised to:

  • Take PEP.
  • Schedule STI tests.
  • Take a pregnancy test- after a few weeks.

STEP FOUR: Have a plan for it not to happen again.

Ensuring that it does not happen again is also a necessity. You can do this by consulting your doctor or sex therapist. They will give you tips on how to ensure such does not occur again. PLease, go with your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

​​Is it normal for a condom to slip?

It is normal for a condom to slip during sex if certain factors are not put into consideration. These factors include size, lubrication, how a condom is put on, and a lost erection.

Use a condom correctly if you do not want to deal with slippage inside of you.

What does it mean when a condom slips?

When a condom slips, intended protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections goes away. You need to remove the condom by yourself or let a doctor help you out.

Use condoms as directed if you do not want anything to go wrong.

How common is a condom slip?

According to research, condom slippage reported in the United States is approximately 13-19 percent. As long as something was not done right, condom slippage tends to occur.

How do you stop a condom from slipping?

To stop a condom from slipping, use the correct condom size, put on the condom appropriately, use lube, and most importantly, avoid doubling condoms up.


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