How to tell your baby is hungry or full

During the early stages of your baby’s life, it is up to you( the mother) to learn how to tell your baby is hungry or full because they cannot speak. The truth remains that as a mother, you need time to watch your newborn baby in order to learn and understand it. This is why a newborn needs to spend more time with the mother so they can learn their cues.

Experts claim that before a baby cries because of hunger, they always show many signs that they want to eat/breastfeed. However, keep in mind that their cues differ as they age. Many first-time mothers wish that their babies could be born with a user manual handbook so they can be sure what to do and how to do it right.

Don’t worry if you are a first-time mother and do not know how to tell your baby is hungry or full. Many mothers have been there before. If you do not pay attention to small details, you will not be able to even tell if your baby is sick.

This blog will take you through the steps on how to tell if your baby is hungry or full at different stages i.e., when they are young and when they grow up a bit.

Let us get started

How to tell your baby is hungry (0-6 months).

Babies from 0 to 6 months are somewhat hard to be understood. However, all you need to tell if it’s hungry is just to observe. This is even the period when the baby on requires breastfeeding or baby formula for those who cannot breastfeed. Doctors usually advise mothers not to give their babies food or water until they are six months old. After that, a mother can now introduce weaning.

If you need to know how to tell your baby is hungry, look for the following cues;

  • The infant puts its hands in its mouth.
  • It turns its head in the direction of a breast or bottle.
  • It licks, puckers, or smacks lips.
  • It clenches its fists.
  • Yawning continuously.
  • It becomes impatient and upset and then begins to cry.

How to tell your baby is full(0-6 months).

As a first mom, you might also have difficulties telling if your baby is full. Knowing when your baby is full is important to avoid overfeeding it. Overfeeding a child can lead to stomach problems like diarrhea. To tell your baby is full, look for the following signs:

  • It relaxes its initially clenched fists.
  • It closes its mouth and stops breastfeeding.
  • It turns its head away from the breast or feeding bottle.

How to tell your baby is hungry (6 months and above)

Babies 6 months and above can be able to express themselves by pointing, looking in a certain direction, or even moving toward you. Look for the following signs if your aim is how to tell your baby is hungry;

  • The baby gets excited when it sees food.
  • It gestures toward or at food.
  • When given a spoon or food, the infant opens its mouth.
  • It communicates its continued hunger to you by making sounds or hand motions.
  • It cries when you take away the breast, bottle, or food.
  • Yawning.

How to tell your 6 months and above old baby is full

  • When food is presented, the baby either closes its mouth or withdraws.
  • When a baby is satisfied, it will signal you with hand motions or sounds.
  • The baby pushes food away.
  • The baby turns its head away from the breast or food.
  • It starts playing with food rather than eating it.
  • Shaking its head to say no to food.

So, what is the secret on how to tell your baby is hungry? Observation.

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