How to wash your makeup brushes

Makeup brushes are a part of the things used for facial grooming. They are used to blend in powder, makeup, foundation, and ponds among other things. It is important to clean makeup brushes because failure to do that can lead to acne or face breakouts due to dirt from makeup debris and remains.

To clean your makeup brushes, use lukewarm water and soap. Soak them for a while and gently wash the brushes thoroughly. After that, rinse them many times with clean water, wipe them gently with a clean towel and allow them to dry.

This article will take you through why you need to clean your makeup brushes and how to properly do it.

Let’s dive in

Why you need to clean your makeup brushes

makeup brushes
makeup brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes is mainly for hygiene purposes. Other reasons for doing so are health-related for purposes like avoiding acne or having healthier skin. Washing makeup brushes is crucial because powder and other cosmetics may quickly accumulate in them, and if they are left sitting for too long, bacteria may start to grow. If this makeup residue is left on the brushes for an extended period of time, bacteria can grow there and cause clogged pores. Rushes, acne, and pimples are all brought on by clogged pores.

Makeup artists know the importance of washing makeup brushes because they always use their brushes on all their clients. Do not be afraid to go for those makeup appointments because of that because professional makeup artists already know the importance of cleaning brushes and they always do so.

If you know how to do your own facial makeup, do not forget to wash your brushes from time to time and also avoid sharing them with other people. Follow the following guidelines to wash your makeup brushes.

  • Warm some water.
  • Mix it with cold water to make it lukewarm.
  • Wet the bristles with warm water.
  • Put a drop of your preferred soap or shampoo in the palm of your clean hand and massage the brush gently to remove the dirt.
  • You can as well wash the brushes using soap or a combination of olive oil and dish soap.
  • Keep washing the tips of the bristles on the brush in your palm until all the debris is dissolved.
  • Next, thoroughly rinse the bristles with plenty of clean water.
  • Using a clean and dry piece of cloth, wring away the excess moisture from the brushes.
  • Allow your brushes some time to completely dry before using them again to avoid messing with your face and makeup.

Wrapping up

The blog has explained to you why cleaning makeup brushes is vital. It is not only for hygiene purposes but it is also good for health reasons. Cleaning makeup brushes is easy and does not take much time to do it. So, do not forget to clean your brushes from time to time. That is twice a week.

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