KEBS Suspends 10 Seed oil brands in Kenya!

Ten brands of the following seed oils have been put on hold by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) according to claims that they do not adhere to the established acceptable health standards.

Among the seed oil brands that were suspended include;

  1. Bahari Fry seed oil
  2. Fresh Fri seed oil
  3. Top Fry seed oil
  4. Fresh Fri with Garlic Oil
  5. Fry Mate oil
  6. Gold n Pure Olive Gold oil
  7. Postman vegetable oil
  8. Rina cooking oil
  9. Salit vegetable oil
  10. Tilly cooking oil

Kebs letter

Part of the letter read as follows:

Kindly note that this is not a ban on the brands but a temporary suspension to facilitate protection of consumers from potentially unsafe products, safeguard economic interest of manufacturers of compliant brands .”

The KEBS director of surveillance Peter Kaigwara made it clear in the letter that the action was not a ban on certain seed oil brands but just a temporary suspension to help consumers protect themselves from potentially dangerous products and to safeguard the economic interests of producers. These seed oil brands will continue to be suspended until that time.

Despite the fact that KEBS did not disclose specifics on the justifications for the product limitation, the Retail Trade Association of Kenya (RETRAK) was given instructions to ensure that these seed oils are withdrawn from the shelves in all stores until the claimed compliance has been reached.

Following their withdrawal, the purported seed oil products will be verified before being reissued.

Additionally, the independent consumer protection, COFEK(Customers Federation of Kenya ), has encouraged consumers to refrain from using the abovementioned seed oil products until the necessary verification has been completed.

There is always something with seed oils. Feel free to tell us your thought on the same.


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