The 13 Common absurd Menstruation period Myths

We live in a world full of myths and misconceptions about absolutely everything, including menstruation period myths. However, I am not surprised when I hear things that do not really make sense because all these things are said due to different personal experiences, cultural beliefs, gender discrimination, lack of knowledge, and lack of the freedom/openness to talk about menstruation. There are so many tribes and cultures worldwide, and each has its own traditions and maybe beliefs. Although when it comes to menstruation, science/biology provides all answers.

Since time immemorial, talking about menstruation has been as hard as talking about sexual intercourse. This is because some people consider it a taboo to talk about it due to cultural differences or shame due to beliefs or even these myths. Thanks to westernization, generation change, technological advancements, and revolution, some parents offer sex education to their children.

Some of the most common menstruation period myths are: Menstrual cycle must last for 28 days, pregnant women can have periods, tampons can get lost in the vagina, period blood is filthy, it is impossible to become pregnant while on periods, and a missed period immediately indicates pregnancy. Other myths include the notion that periods should last a week, that swimming while menstruating can attract fish, that period sex is unhealthy, that a friend’s period may coincide with your own, and that only women experience menstruation.

This article is going to take you through some of the most common menstruation period myths that you might have already heard.

Let’s dive in!

Common menstruation period myths.

There are lots of things that people may say about periods that are actually myths and are not true. Others say that as a belief, some say them based on their perceptions, culture, and most importantly, personal experiences. This is actually not only about menstruation period myths but also about life in general. Some of the most absurd popular menstruation period myths include:

1. Period cycle must be 28 days.

People should understand that not every woman’s cycle is the same. Some women have longer menstruation cycles, while others have short cycles. So do not beat yourself up because you think that you are abnormal or what have you because your cycle is not 28 days.

Typically, the menstrual cycle lasts 28 days for those with regular cycles, but this does not mean that every woman must have a 28-day cycle. Some people have a regular menstrual cycle, but it is shorter or longer than 28 days.

It’s possible that hormonal birth control, nursing, stress, perimenopause, being underweight, or PCOS is to blame for an irregular menstrual cycle. Therefore, if you are concerned about this myth, consider seeing a doctor, who will likely ask you a few questions. Your ob/GYN doctor will advise you on what to do if a certain test is required.

2. Pregnant women can have periods.

A pregnant woman cannot have periods! Many people out there usually think that this is possible, but it isn’t. Actually, the bleeding that a pregnant woman might experience is implantation bleeding or rather spotting, which is usually shorter and lighter compared to a period. Implantation bleeding is most likely to occur during the first pregnancy months as the fertilized egg starts attaching to uterus. To find out more on this, follow up on our forthcoming blogs.

menstruation period myths
pregnant woman

3. Tampons can get lost in the vagina.

Oh goodness! Nothing can get lost in the vagina. Even when a sperm fertilizes an egg, it grows until it turns into an egg before it comes out as a baby through the vagina. However, like every other thing, before doing something, you have to take precautions, same with tampons. Use them as directed.

If you decide on using a tampon, just remember to take it out on time and also ensure you remove it before inserting another. If you are a forgetful person, set a reminder on your phone so you know when you are supposed to remove it. Also, remember to remove a tampon before engaging in any kind of sexual activity, as that may result in pushing it further than where you can easily access and remove it. If you realize that your tampon is stuck and you cannot reach it, clean your hands, squat and try reaching it with a finger or two.

Usually, you might be unable to reach it due to a broken string that tampons come with or it has moved on the upper side.

If you cannot reach it, no matter the efforts, do not panic because it is not lost in your vagina. It could simply be stuck somewhere in there. See a doctor/ob/GYN immediately for help removing it to avoid hurting yourself trying to get it out.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), if you stay with a tampon for too long, it might lead to toxic shock syndrome or other illnesses. Its symptoms include:

  • Desquamation.
  • Hypotension.
  • A rash resembling sunburn.
  • Irregularities in several organ systems.
  • Bad fever.
menstruation period myths

4. Period blood is dirty- menstruation period myths

Another popular menstruation period myth is that period blood is dirty. The fact that period blood can cause stains on clothes, seats, and beds does not mean that it is dirty. Usually, a period is a way that your body communicates to you that fertilization or rather a pregnancy did not take place and also makes the reproductive system healthy by shedding off the unfertilized egg through menstruation blood.

Some people may consider period blood dirty if they realize that a certain person is on their period and perceive a strange, strong, or bad odor in them. If you are on your period and you perceive a bad smell, you will need some time and attention to take some background checks.

Bad odors may be as a result of an infection, staying longer periods without changing a sanitary pad, or hygiene-related issues. If you change your sanitary pads on time and as required, clean yourself up every time you change your sanitary pads, but you still perceive a bad smell, consider visiting a doctor for an examination as you might have an infection.

5. It is impossible to get pregnant on periods.

menstruation period yths

Kindly, ladies, do not be fooled! You cannot have unprotected sex and expect not to get pregnant because as long as sperms make their way into the vagina, pregnancy can occur even during menstruation. Again, this is highly dependent on your menstruation cycle.

That is why understanding your menstruation cycle is very important as a woman. Usually, sperm can stay alive inside a woman’s reproductive for 5 days, so if you have unprotected intercourse and ovulate a few days after your period, you might get pregnant.

6. Missed period automatically means pregnancy.

This is obviously a myth because, despite pregnancy, there are so many reasons why a woman may miss her periods. Some of these reasons include stress, excessive working out, hormonal contraceptives, medication, and illnesses, among other causes.

You cannot get pregnant unless you have unprotected intercourse. If, however, you haven’t been involved in any sexual activities, other reasons could be why you have a missed or late period.

7. Periods should last a week.

This is another menstruation period myth because the length of a menstruation period varies from one woman to another. Some bleed for two days, others 3 for 4, and others even go for a week. If you ask your neighbor, sister, friend, or even a colleague, you will notice that each woman/lady has a different menstrual length. So, do not be carried away with what other people say simply because you think your menstruation should be like theirs.

8. Swimming during periods is bad and will attract fish.

menstruation period myths
people swimming

There have been so many inventions of different things as the years go by. This myth is one of the oldest menstruation myths, probably formulated before the invention of sanitary pads, tampons, and menstrual cups. Also, in the past, people used to swim in dams, rivers, and maybe lakes where there was a presence of fish.

It is obvious that when you are bleeding and you are not using any menstrual product, you might bleed in the water during swimming. However, if you use a menstruation product, it is okay to swim.  Also, nowadays, there are so many swimming pools where there is no fish at all, so if you feel afraid to enjoy your swimming hobby due to fear of fish, go to a swimming pool. However, there hasn’t been any research that has confirmed the truth in this myth. Menstrual blood will not attract fish!

9. Period sex is bad for you.

Sex during periods can be messy, but it is okay. Whether you wish to have intercourse on your periods or not is totally dependent on you and your partner. It is absolutely fine if you are comfortable having it, as it has no health problems. Just ensure you use a condom to avoid fluids transfusion if you do not know your HIV status, STDs, or do not want to get pregnant.

10. Friend’s period might sync yours.

Another absurd myth is that a friend’s period can sync yours. I think this is why some people prefer not to talk about periods. I once heard two friends argue about this particular myth.

A friend was totally mad at her friend simply because she told her that she was having cramps as she was on her period. She got mad and yelled at her, “why are you telling me this? you know mine will synch when I know!”

This is not true as no research has proved it possible.

11. Painful period is a scam.

menstruation period myths
a woman having painful periods

The truth of the matter is that some women experience painful periods while others don’t. So the fact that there are differences among women does not mean that those who experience dysmenorrhea(painful periods) fake it!

It is either you experience painful periods or not. Only you know how you feel when you are on your period, do not let other people decide what period pain feels like. If you wish to know more about painful periods, read our post below:

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12. Only women have menstruation.

Many people may not be aware of this, but it is a myth to say that only women have menstruation periods. In actuality, not everyone who has a period considers herself a woman. While transgender women might not, transgender men might bleed every month.

Furthermore, menstruation transcends gender because hormones determine whether or not transgender people experience their periods.

13. It is not okay to work out during periods

menstruation period myths
women working out

This is another menstruation myth. Some people usually skip the gym, yoga, or even physical exercises simply because they are on their periods. Working out on periods is totally okay unless you feel uncomfortable, you have a heavy bleeding, or you are experiencing dysmenorrhea. In fact, exercising while on a period has a few advantages, like easing cramps, lifting the mood, and lessening weariness.

To get more insights on working out and periods, read our more comprehensive post below:

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Many things that you might hold so dear to your heart might actually not be true as some are actually just myths. However, when it comes to health and you are unsure of something, you are always free to ask your doctor. Do not live in denial, seek medical assistance and advice to avoid misconceptions. Did you learn anything from this blog? Hit us in the comment section if you have a question or any additional information that we might have missed.

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