The 5 Lube Mistakes During Sex

Lube is a short form of lubricant. We all know that lubrication is very important during sexual intercourse. It is very important to both the man and woman. Vaginal lubrication is an important aspect of sexual stimulation for women because it prepares the vagina for penetration by making it simpler for the penis to enter and reducing friction and irritation. But what happens if one has issues with natural lubrication? Or they have it, but it is just not enough for sex? This is where lube comes in.

The most common lube mistakes most people make are using saliva as a lubricant, using oil-based lubes with condoms, using flavored or scented lubes, using soap or conditioner as lube, and not verifying the lube’s expiry date before having sex.

This guide is going to take you through the importance of using lubricants during sex, why you may need it, and most importantly, the 5 common lube mistakes that most people make during sexual intercourse and what to do about it.

Importance of lubricants during sex

  1. Lubricant lowers friction and hence reduces the chance of injury during sex.
  2. It helps both partners avoid pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse due to dryness.
  3. It is necessary.
  4. Lube also makes condoms less likely to break or slide off, enhancing your protection against STIs like HIV.

Reasons you may need to use lube.

  1. If you have vaginal dryness as a result of a medication or an underlying medical condition.
  2. Changes in hormones as a result of pregnancy or after childbirth causing vaginal dryness.
  3. Perimenoupase and menopause.
  4. If you have vaginal dryness or insufficient lubrication as a result of lengthier sex sessions with your partner.
  5. If you feel pain during penetration.
  6. You’re suffering from female sexual dysfunction.

Lubrication mistakes during sex

You might not be aware of it, but you have probably made these lubricant mistakes before. Either due to lack of knowledge or ignorance. Even among healthy adults, inadequate lubrication of the vaginal canal is common. Keep in mind that anyone can use lubricants. It is not stated anywhere that only those with sexual problems should use lubes during intercourse. The following are some of the lube mistakes people make during intercourse:

1. Using saliva as lube.

This is a mistake that 99 percent of individuals have made. You’ve probably used your saliva as a lubrication during sex before you ever knew about lubricants. Because of health and hygienic considerations, saliva should not be used as a lubricant. How is that? When you use saliva as a lubrication and your mouth isn’t completely sterile, the illness can spread to your partner’s genitals.

You should avoid using saliva as a lubricant as it is not safe for both partners. Some people even use condoms to protect themselves from infections but still use saliva as a lubricant!. You won’t protect yourself from infections if you use saliva as lube, even if you use a condom!

2. Using oil-based lubes with condoms.

Using oil-based lubes with a condom

Previously, we did an article on the top 15 classified condom use errors. There are different types of lubricants. Water-based lubricants, Silicone-based lubricants, and Oil-based lubricants among others. Oil-based lubes may last longer, but they degrade the latex in your condoms and may irritate or infect women. The condom may break as a result, exposing you to illnesses or pregnancy. When using condoms, it’s always a good idea to use glycerine, water, or silicone-based lubes.

3. Using flavored/scented lubes.

flavored lube

It is natural for people to love good things, or nice-smelling things but sometimes have negative consequences. Flavored lubes, like flavored condoms, can be entertaining to use, but they can also induce yeast infections. So keep away from them if you want to be safe. Scented lubes, like scented feminine items, have an effect on people.

4. Using soap or conditioner as lube.


Two adults can have sex anywhere around the house, including the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. If you choose to do it in the bathroom, kindly do not be carried away by the excitement and ignorantly reach out for soap or conditioner to use it as a lubricant. Soap and conditioner are not recommended since they can damage the condom and induce yeast infections in women by interfering with the vaginal PH.

Normally, soap tampers with a woman’s feminine hygiene by making them prone to infections like yeast infections or candidiasis. If a woman is not naturally lubricated enough for sex, use an appropriate lubricant to avoid exposing her to injuries or pain.

5. Not confirming the lube’s expiry date.

Like any other product, lubes have expiry dates too. For this reason, always verify the expiration date before using them. Both of you are in danger of irritation and infection if you use an expired lube. It is not safe to use a lubricant that has gone beyond its expiration date since it may rip your condoms.

If you confirm and realize the lube is expired, go to the stall and buy a new one or you can even order one online.

shopping online


During sex, lubricants are quite crucial and necessary. Thet is available at pharmacies, grocery stores, and online platform shops like amazon. It’s a perfect time to start introducing it into your sex life if you haven’t already. The good news is that it can be used by people of all genders, ages, and sexual orientations.

What lube mistake did you not know about before reading our blog? Feel free to share with us in the comment section.


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