The 7 Reasons Every Lady Needs to Go Commando

Are you wondering what to go commando means? If yes, you are at the right place. Going commando is simply ditching your panties, or rather staying without your innerwear.

Going commando isn’t a new concept; it’s been around for a while. This commando trend has most likely been seen or talked about in periodicals and on social media sites. Women may choose to go commando for a variety of reasons, including hygiene, comfort, or simply not enjoying them. There are numerous health advantages to going without underwear, especially at night as you sleep.

Going commando helps to boost feminine hygiene, reduce the development of yeast infections, reduce vaginal odors, it is comfortable, and most importantly protect the vulva from injuries.

However, there are several widespread misconceptions about commando operations. Some people believe it is harmful to your sexual health. Some people think it means you’re promiscuous, while others say it means you’re naive.

This article is going to take you through all the reasons why every woman should consider going commando and the benefits that come about by doing so.

Let’s get started.


1. It boosts your feminine hygiene.


As we all know, feminine hygiene is simply keeping your vagina clean. We covered this in our previous post, the 19 feminine hygiene tips you wish you knew earlier. Going commando greatly helps in keeping your vagina’s hygiene and health in check. Wearing too-tight panties, ones that are not made of cotton, or wearing them for so long may significantly affect your feminine hygiene. This is the reason why going commando may help boost your feminine hygiene.

2. Going commando helps reduce the risk of developing yeast infections.

Wearing panties for an extended period of time might lead to yeast infections. Candida, for example, is a bacterium that causes yeast infections and thrives in warm, damp settings. According to CDC, this may lead to candidiasis.

It is common for people to purchase pants made of a particular material without realizing that they aren’t good, especially those made of unbreathable fibers. Tight underwear or underpants made of non-breathable material, such as cotton, can trap moisture in your genital area, making yeast bacteria easier to develop.

Fashion spreads like an airborne disease. There is this common type of trendy panty that ladies love Thongs and Lingeries. Thongs are a particularly harmful undergarment because, despite being launched up your style all day, they can slip around, allowing anal and faecal bacteria to migrate to the vagina and increase the risk of yeast infections. All these can be avoided by going commando as going panty free means no infections.

3. Reduces vaginal odour

Prevent vaginal odour

Vaginal smells can be considerably reduced or avoided by going commando. When sweat and heat are trapped in the genital area by underwear, the genital area can begin to stink more strongly. Particularly if you’re wearing a pant made of non-breathable fabric. Fabrics like silk, satin, and nylon retain heat and enhance the temperature of the vagina, promoting unpleasant odors from sweat and vaginal fluids.

By not wearing underwear, you are allowing your sweat to escape, reducing odors, and reducing chafing caused by wetness.

4. It is comfortable.

Comfortable woman

You might not comprehend the comfort I’m talking about if you’ve never gone without your underpants on. Going commando is actually quite pleasant. It doesn’t matter what sort of underwear you’re wearing or how soft it is; it’s not more comfortable than going without.

Have you ever worn a baggy pair of pants or one that is too large? It’s quite inconvenient and uncomfortable because it continues moving in between your butts over and again throughout the day. Going commando means you’ll never have to hide from people to claw about inside your buttocks again.

5. Going commando protects the vulva from injuries.

The vulva is the female genitals’ outer layer. Its made up of the vaginal opening (the vestibule), the labia majora (outer lips), the labia minora (inner lips), and the clitoris. Chafing can hurt your vulva if you wear tight underwear or wear them for too long.

When this happens, you may get an injury that results in bleeding or infection. To further appreciate what I’m saying, try putting on particularly tight underwear; you’ll feel uncomfortable or even itchy while wearing it, but after you take it off, you’ll feel much better.

6. Going commando means no lines.

Women love to look beautiful, presentable, comfortable, and sexy. Most women if not all hate panty lines. Wearing panties can be a little stressful especially if the type of dress you want to put on will expose those panty lines. This is where going commando comes in. The quick and easy hack that doesn’t even require those 5 minutes of DIY (Do It Yourself) is not putting on any underwear.

7. It is good during bed time.

Woman sleeping

People are different with different perceptions on various topics. Many people sleep without underwear, some of whom do so 24 hours a day, some of whom do it overnight, and others who do not. This may make it easier to get a good night’s sleep. Unless you’re on your period, it’s perfectly fine to sleep without underwear because underwear provides protection and cleanliness.

Wear well-fitting, breathable underwear at night during periods to help drain perspiration and other fluids away from the body while also offering a place to put protection against bladder or period leakage.


The article has taken you through various benefits of going commando. Much as some people may find it uncomfortable to stay without panties, doing so is totally beneficial.

Have you ever gone out without your underwear? Did it benefit you? feel free to share your experiences and any benefits that we might have left out in the comment section.

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