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The 8 Best Foods for Breastfeeding mothers

There is an uncountable list of different diets out there, including the best foods for breastfeeding mothers. Pregnancy, delivery, and breastfeeding are not as easy as one might think because it comes with many things making mothers wonder what they should eat, how much they should, and what they shouldn’t eat.

You definitely understand what I am talking about if you are a mother. Normally, during the whole pregnancy period, the nutrients and health of the unborn baby depending on what the mother consumes. This continues even after birth, during breastfeeding, because the baby’s nutrition is through the breast milk. 

Some of the best foods for breastfeeding mothers include Liver, Meat, Fish, Bone broth, Butter, Eggs, Spinach, Cabbage, and Saukrauets.

This post will take you over the 9 best foods for breastfeeding mothers.

The 10 Best Foods for Breastfeeding mothers

The foods that a breastfeeding mother consumes matter a lot because they determine the child’s health, the mother’s milk supply, the nursing mother’s energy, and weight loss after pregnancy.

So, if you intend to have a healthy baby, a high milk supply, have the energy to take care of your baby, and lose weight after pregnancy, you will definitely watch what you eat during breastfeeding.

The following are some of the best foods for breastfeeding mothers;

1. Liver.

foods for breastfeeding mothers
foods for breastfeeding mothers

The liver is among the best foods for breastfeeding mothers. The liver is a fantastic food to consume because it contains iron and proteins that are beneficial to both the mother and the breastfeeding baby. 

The liver contains a good amount of vitamin A, as well as B vitamins, iron, folate, and zinc. Vitamin A works best when combined with vitamin K2 (found in the liver) and vitamin D, making the liver an extremely beneficial food to consume because it contains all nutrients. 

This significantly improves milk supply, baby nutrition, and the mother’s energy levels. Consult your nutritionist or doctor about the amount of liver you should consume daily while breastfeeding.

2. Meat.

Meat is also another best meal for a breastfeeding mom. As we all know, a mother’s iron stores during breastfeeding must be replenished with iron-rich foods such as fatty and lean meat. Eating meat ensures a steady supply of milk, which is beneficial to the baby and provides energy for the mother, allowing her to properly care for her newborn babies.

It is critical for a breastfeeding mother to consume enough protein foods, such as meat, to maintain her muscle mass while providing adequate nutrition to her infant through breast milk. You don’t want to starve your newborn or consider giving the baby formula because there isn’t enough milk. If possible, consume enough amounts of lean and fatty meats.

3. Fish.

foods for breastfeeding mothers
foods for breastfeeding mothers

Fish is also among the best foods for breastfeeding mothers and is also heart-healthy. There are different types of fish, including salmon, and tuna, among others. Fish is rich in natural omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients such as vitamins and proteins, making your baby grow up healthy. Fish is good for both the baby and the mother because it is very nutritious.

With fish, you are assured that you will be able to produce enough milk for the baby. Research also shows that fish can help develop and improve your child’s intelligence. Apart from just being healthy, you also probably want a sharp/smart baby upstairs, so eating fish won’t hurt.

4. Bone broth.

Bone broth is another best food for breastfeeding mothers. It helps with the baby’s bone development and strength while keeping the mother strong and energetic to carry out day-to-day activities associated with the child.

Take your bone broth in between meals or before breastfeeding. The bone broth will provide you with iron which will help in strengthening your child’s bones over time.

5. Butter.

Butter is also considered to be among the best foods for breastfeeding mothers. Instead of using seed oils, replace them with butter. Butter is a nutrient-dense, healthy fat that also provides energy for the exhausting postpartum period. It also aids in regulating sugar metabolism, which may be beneficial for those with intense sugar cravings.

Cravings, by the way, do not end with birth. Some women have them even after giving birth. Especially for sugary or fatty foods. So try to control yourself by substituting them with healthy options.

6. Eggs.

foods for breastfeeding mothers
foods for breastfeeding mothers

A breastfeeding mother also requires eggs. They are a good source of protein. Eggs are also high in nutrients such as folate, vitamin D, iodine, selenium, choline, and long-chain omega-3 fatty acids. These are nutrients that are especially important for you and your baby.

Some women avoid eating too many proteins while breastfeeding for fear of causing allergic reactions in the baby. I’ll tell you one thing: breastfeeding mothers have no reason to avoid them unless you’re allergic to proteins or other allergenic foods.

If you suspect your child is allergic to something, consult with your doctor.

7. Spinach.

Green leafy vegetables are an excellent source of nutrition for breastfeeding mothers. These vegetables, which include spinach, are high in iron, calcium, folate, and vitamin K, which helps to support breastfeeding while also balancing the mother’s hormones.

8. Saukrauets.

Saukraeut is a fermented cabbage and is high in vitamin C. Despite helping with your nutrition, sauerkraut is good for your gut. It is good for breastfeeding mothers.

Sauerkraut is a rich source of probiotics and vitamins. It is often eaten as a side dish, but can also be used as an ingredient in various dishes such as sandwiches, soups, and stews. Sauerkraut is often served alongside sausage, bacon, pork, or with fish.

Wrapping up

There are so many foods that are good for breastfeeding mothers out there. Some are not mentioned in our blog. The ones mentioned here are just but a few examples. Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns about what foods to eat while breastfeeding.


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