The 8 Body parts people forget to clean

There are a couple of body part /parts that people forget to clean during a bath. Personal hygiene is a very important aspect of everybody’s life. However, many people think all it takes to have good hygiene is just taking a shower and brushing their teeth. On the contrary, proper personal hygiene entails a whole lot and the specifics or rather details of how to take care of your hygiene are what really matters.

The body parts that most people forget to clean include the Tongue, the Belly Button, the ear area, under the foot, underneath the Fingernails, and in between fingers. Other parts include the vagina and buttocks.

This blog will take you through the most common body part areas that most peopled forget to clean. 

Body parts often left out 

People usually take a bath, brush their teeth, clean their homes, and believe they have put their hygiene in check. However, as much as some people do this every day, there are parts of their bodies they forget or rather they do not clean enough or even more often.

Some people are smell sensitive and that does not only occur due to environmental issues but all body odor.

You might be wondering where this post is driving at but the truth remains, taking a shower, brushing your tooth, and wearing clean clothes do not guarantee that your hygiene is at par. What matters is how properly you do it.

Let’s get started.

The Tongue.

body part
Wash your tongue while brushing teeth

One of the most common places people forget to clean is the tongue. In reality, the tongue is supposed to be cleaned every day when brushing your teeth because it is a part of good dental hygiene.

The tongue helps in rolling food in the mouth as we eat and because of that, it gets dirty just like the teeth. Many people brush their teeth but forget to clean their tongues. Kindly do not slip that from today onwards.

The Belly Button.

The belly button is another body part that people forget to clean. During a shower, people simply wash their stomachs and forget to clean their belly buttons.

You have probably done this before. If you do not believe me, go check yourself in the mirror right away. If you see any black or brown build-up then it means your belly button needs some cleaning. Be gentle when cleaning it because it is a delicate and sensitive area.

Underneath the Fingernails.

Let’s be honest with one another about this specific point. Whether you take your bath three or more times a day, your fingernails will always be dirty because of different activities during the day.

Please, always check your fingernails and do the needful.

In between fingers.

In between the fingers is another area many people forget to clean. Most especially those of the toes. I have a challenge for you:

Drop your phone for a bit, and take off your shoes and socks. Now check in between your fingers. Do you see any whitish or brownish debris? If yes, do not worry because it is due to the fact that you did not clean that area so well or even wipe it out properly after a shower. Try to be keen on doing that next time because it is very important to do it.

The Back.

This is not an exception for anyone because normally the back is always a hard area to reach during bath time. However, it is important to try as much as possible to wash our backs when taking showers.

A quick tip for those who cannot do it by themselves is to ask for assistance from the people very close to you. It could be your sister or your friend. PLEASE DON’T SEEK THE HELP OF A STRANGER!!!!

The ear area.

Another common area most people forget to clean is the ear area. Especially the back of the ear area. We often just wash our faces, the neck, and the rest of the body areaand forget our ears. 

A great hack is to wash the back of the ear area while washing our face to avoid skipping it.

Under the foot

body part

It is undoubtedly true that people’s most focus when taking a bath is on specific areas. Under the feet is another common area people pay less attention to. 

Some even postpone it to do it at the spa during the manicure and pedicure treatments. Normalize Washing each area in detail.

The vagina.

Much as people believe that a vagina is a self-washing machine, there is still a need to clean it. In addition to promoting good feminine health, hygiene also helps to lessen body odor. Due to factors including getting their period, having frequent vaginal discharge, and having higher sweat production from their sweat glands, maintaining cleanliness is more crucial to preventing odor. Always use pure, clean water to wash yourself.


Whether you are a man or woman, please wash your buttocks every day. The buttocks and other places are more susceptible to body odor since they frequently sweat a lot. It is crucial to wash these areas when taking a shower because of this.


Hygiene is not only important for the general health but it also helps in reducing unbearable body odors

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