3 important things to do before and after intercourse

Intercourse is a very intimate thing and for that reason, optimal hygiene is required before and after the act. Observing hygiene will not only make both partners comfortable, but it will also boost your confidence.

Before intercourse, ensure you take a shower and put everything you will require for the act in place. On the other hand, after intercourse, pee, take another shower, and eat helpful fruits such as cranberries.

This blog will take you through things you need to do before and after intercourse. Keep reading if you need knowledge on things you are supposed to do before and after intercourse.

Things to do before intercourse.

Sexual intercourse is not an exam that you want to take the whole month preparing but that does not mean that you do not need to prepare for it at all. In order to be comfortable and enjoy intercourse, you need to prepare yourself psychologically, mentally, and physically. Some of the things you need to do before intercourse include:

1. Taking a shower before intercourse.

woman taking a shower

Taking a shower is a very important thing to do before intercourse. This is not specific to any gender because both men and women get sweaty during the day’s activities hence the need to take a shower to stay fresh during the act.

Ladies, make it a habit to always take a shower before intercourse. You do not want your partner to start complaining about body odors especially from the most sensitive parts such as the vaginal area and the armpits before you start doing the needful. Do it so your partner does not bruise your ego, lower your self-esteem or turn you off for not doing the things you know you are supposed to do.

You will realize that showering before intercourse will really improve your confidence and most especially improve your sex life. While taking a shower, focus on the essential areas such as the feminine area, the armpits, the buttocks area, and the crotch. A quick tip is to take a shower together with your partner.

2. Brush your teeth

A woman brushing teeth

Another important thing you are supposed to do before intercourse is to brush your teeth. You do not want your partner to avoid kissing you simply because your mouth stinks!

As we stated earlier, these things are what will make you both to be comfortable and enjoy the moment. Do not just take a shower and assume brushing your teeth because you think showering is all you need to do. Dental hygiene is also very vital in this case.

3. Put everything in place.

A towel, lube

Before intercourse, it is also important to put everything you and your partner will be using in place. Such things include;

  • Lube.
  • Towels.
  • Condoms.
  • Toys, if you incorporate. etc.

This is a very important aspect to avoid postponing things such as using a condom because of silly reasons like just realizing that you do not have one. Be very careful about it because you might contract an infection or even get an unplanned pregnancy.

Things to do after intercourse.

There are also important things that need to be done after intercourse. This basically helps to stay clean and also avoid infections such as UTIs. These things include;

1. Peeing.

The first thing you need to do after intercourse is to head to the bathroom and pee. This is especially important for women. After sexual activity, urinating helps flush out any bacteria that may have entered the urethra during play, possibly reducing the risk of developing a UTI.

2. Wash the vaginal area.

After peeing, do yourself justice by washing your vaginal area with plenty of clean water and a wet towel. Be very gentle in that area and avoid using scented soaps to wash yourself in the vaginal area. Washing yourself is important for hygiene purposes and please avoid douching! After that, dress up but go the commando style. It is one great feminine hygiene hack.

If you use your toys, wash your hands and clean them as required. 

3. Drink some water.

Drinking water is also important after sexual intercourse as it helps in hydration. When done with all this you can now cuddle, sleep or continue with your activities.


As discussed above, we’ve realized that sexual intercourse is not just an impromptu activity because there are a couple of things people need to do before and after the act. Is there any other thing you think people need to do before and after intercourse? Share your thoughts with us down below in the comments area.

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