Top 10 Mind-Blowing Pornography Facts No One Is Telling You About

PORNOGRAPHY is a very controversial topic. Some people openly talk about it, while some don’t. Some dread the topic while others like it. Some do not have a problem with it, while others do.

Types of pornography

  • Hardcore pornography
  • Softcore pornography

Difference Between Soft Porn and Hardcore Porn.

Hardcore pornography is pornography that depicts sexual organs or activities in great detail, for instance, vaginal stimulation and penetration, anal penetration, live oral sex activities, vaginal and anal fingering, anilingus, men and women ejaculation, and fetish plays.

Softcore porn on the other hand is that pornographic or erotic commercial photography or video that is less sexually graphic. Usually characterized by the absence of penetration, ejaculations, simulated intercourse, as well as the significance of the physical admiration of the human reproductive organs are all examples of softcore pornography.

Can you be addicted to Pornography?

Pornography addiction is when a person is unable to stop viewing it even if they want to stop. That makes them emotionally dependant on it resulting in interferences with their day-to-day lives, relationship, and work. Therefore, YES! You can be addicted to porn.

Porn addiction is fundamental in the current world, and those with this kind of addiction spend a lot of time watching it instead of doing other important things at work, school, or even at home. That behavior may keep recurring even when a person wishes to stop.


Porn Addiction
Porn Addiction

What are the causes of Pornography Addiction?

  • Unhealthy societal norms: Some people may be drawn to pornography by preconceptions about how people should look and behave during sex, the types of sex they should enjoy, and other such standards.
  • Biological causes: Certain biological elements, such as changes in brain chemistry due to watching porn, may increase addiction. We are more likely to repeat pleasurable actions if our brain chemistry and functioning are in good shape. The degree to which people enjoy sex differs. People also differ in terms of their preferred sexual behaviors. Certain sexual practices or sexual release may appeal to certain people that they find difficult to resist. Other folks would not have the same difficulties. That is because they do not share the same level of pleasure.
  • Underlying mental health issues: Pornography can be used to relieve psychological suffering
  • Relationship issues: Maybe due to the lack of satisfaction during sex.

The psychology-Psychological study has aided us in understanding why people repeat particular behaviors, even when those behaviors have versatile effects. It also helps us understand the causes of sexual addiction.

How Do You Know You Are Addicted to Pornography.

  • When your mind is consumed with pornography, even if you are not watching it at that time.
  • Watching porn on your phone, computer, or pc not caring whether you are in the public, social institutions, or at work.
  • Ignoring other responsibilities at the expense of watching pornography.
  • Spending vast sums of money on watching pornography than buying other essential things.
  • Lower sex satisfaction from your partner, especially if pornography isn’t involved.
  • Despite the devastation it is inflicting you, your career, your house, and your relationship, you continue to watch it.
  • The feeling of shame, depression, and guilty after watching porn.
  • Hiding it from your spouse and people close to you i.,e. family.
  • To obtain some release, you watch something more severe than something less extreme.
  • Using it as a way to cope with sadness or boredom.
  • Failure to quit no matter how hard you try.

How to Deal With Pornography Addiction

  1. Reduce the temptation: This could be done by cleaning up your phone or computer, delete all pornography content in it. Being careful of the sites you visit on your pc.
  2. Set up internet sensors that do not procrastinate.
  3. Spend your free time with family and loved ones
  4. Embrace healthy habits-This is by replacing the bad habits with the good ones. By this, I mean, instead of watching porn, try yoga or practice some dance steps.
  5. Get busy: We all know that an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. You might find yourself going to a porn site simply because you are not busy, so do not allow yourself to be idle, exercise, or try a new hobby during your free time.
  6. Guiding and counseling: this is another way of dealing with addiction; a counselor can help you identify the problem better sexual release: Finding a partner instead of watching pornography to be relieved.
  7. Look for reasons to stop watching it: To stop watching porn, they need to tell themselves the truth. If you admit that you are addicted, then the journey to quitting it simply starts. Block all porn sites on your devices, find something else to do during your free time. You could join a support group or even start working out or a new hobby.

Effects of Watching Pornography

1. It is addictive.-Addiction ruins life. Watching porn is one of, if not the most, powerful addictions that males have. Addiction eats up your time, money, and energy while sabotaging your progress and productivity toward your objectives.

2. Causes erectile dysfunction in men.- A situation where a man cannot get a boner that can enable him to make love/ coitus. Too much pornography may lead to masturbation which may result in erectile dysfunction in men.

Erectlie Dysfunction
Erectile Dysfunction

3. Causes depression.-When you initially start viewing porn, you will feel satisfied; however, if you continue to watch it regularly, you will need to watch more to attain the same level of enjoyment. You’ll feel withdrawal symptoms if you don’t watch as much as your brain is used to. And for this reason, you may end up depressed.

4. Causes lower sex satisfaction -Too much porn may result in lower sex satisfaction with your partner.

5. Destroys productivity-When you’re thinking about pornography all the time, it’s easy to get distracted from your work.

6. You will stop appreciating people-this is because of the fantasy world of porn. Everything in porn always looks so perfect, and with this in mind, we might forget what we have. And because we spend the most time watching it, we detach from our spouses. Thus, we stop appreciating them.

7. Causes low self-confidence.

8. It also causes violence against women.

9. It changes our sexual preferences-especially hardcore porn.


  • Relationship counseling
  • Psychotherapy
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Medication: Sometimes, people use pornography as a way of dealing with other health conditions.

When Should One See a Doctor?

  1. If one is experiencing sexual dysfunction such as trouble having or maintaining an erection, no lubrication during sex for ladies
  2. If you are having trouble orgasming during sex
  3. Symptoms of depression, anxiety, or insomnia
  4. If you are experiencing painful sex, ladies.

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