World Kidney Day 2022: Know Theme, Date, Objectives, History and Much More

World Kidney Day is an event held on every second Thursday of March. In 2021, it was on March 11th, and this year 2022, it will be held today – March 10th. World Kidney Day is a day meant to create awareness of the vital role of kidneys in our body and how we should take care of them to avoid numerous Kidney diseases.

World Kidney Day is a worldwide initiative to raise awareness about the significance of our kidneys. Every year, World Kidney Day is commemorated. 
Hundreds of events are held around the world, ranging from public screenings, conferences and seminars.

World Kidney Day: History

For the first time in 2006, World Kidney Day was commemorated. The main goal of the day was to raise public awareness about kidney disorders and treatment options. The day also urges people to get frequent screenings in order to make healthy lifestyle adjustments. Every year, the number of people who die as a result of kidney illness rises. World Kidney Day is a worldwide health awareness campaign that emphasizes the significance of preventing and treating kidney disease.

World Kidney Day 2022: Theme

“Kidney Health for All” is the theme for World Kidney Day 2022. The focus of the 2022 campaign will be on increasing kidney health education and awareness, as well as closing the stubbornly large CKD(Chronic Kidney Disease) knowledge gap at all levels of kidney care.

The focus of the event is on preventing the beginning and progression of renal disorders through preventative therapies.


  • Raise awareness about our “wonderful kidneys” Diabetes and high blood pressure are both significant risk factors for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).
  • Encourage all patients with diabetes and hypertension to be screened for CKD regularly.
  • Encourage the use of preventative measures.
  • All medical practitioners should be aware of their critical role in diagnosing and minimizing CKD risk, especially in high-risk groups.
  • The importance of local and national health authorities in controlling the CKD epidemic should be emphasized.
  • All countries are asked to take action and invest in more kidney screening on World Kidney Day.
  • Encourage organ donation as a life-saving activity and transplantation as a best-outcome choice for kidney failure.

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